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*DISCLAIMER* DO NOT order clothing/merchandise with these. These are going media mail and if you order a shirt, fanny pack, hoodie, etc it'll jack the shipping up a ton. Best advice, make 2 separate orders to save yourself the extra $$

First time in 3 years, the Mystery Boxes are BACK! Every box will receive $150+ worth of records and merch. Each Box weighs around 11lbs (hence the shipping). International folks, sorry that it's super expensive. Shipping 11lbs isn't cheap. If you choose to order, just know that you'll be getting a TON of stuff. Some boxes will get Test Presses, OOP titles, random goodies, etc. If you order 2 boxes, you might get some doubles. Ordering multiple boxes does NOT increase your chances of getting Test Presses and rarities. These will start shipping first or second week of December. they're gonna take time to assemble and ship so please be patient!

No, you can't use the Axe To Grind discount code nor the Black Friday discount code with this. You're getting an upwards of 20 records for $30. Don't be a cheap ass.

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