America's Hardcore Compilation Volume 1 TBR: 019


"America's Hardcore" features 14 of the best bands in hardcore circa 2010 including The Rival Mob, Title Fight, Foundation, Backtrack, Rotting Out, Bitter End, Wolf Whistle, Cruel Hand, Power Trip, Fire & Ice and more. New pressing now available on green splatter vinyl and limited to 500 copies.

1. Free Spirit - Everbody Else
2. Foundation - Devotion
3. Backtrack - Soul Sucker
4. Eightfifteen - Disconnect
5. Violent Side - All For All
6. Rotting Out - Happy At Home
7. Bitter End - Disguised
8. Wolf Whistle - MA Glory
9. Cruel Hand - Intro/Face To Face
10. Fire & Ice - Half Empty
11. Thought Crusade - No Remorse
12. Power Trip - Hammer Of Doubt
13. The Rival Mob - Nice Try
14. Title Fight - Dreamcatchers

Pressing Information

Test Press (out of 70)
1st Press on Red/White/Blue tri-color (band/friend press) (out of 100)
1st Press on White w/Red and Blue Splatter (out of 300)
1st Press on Red/Blue Swirl (out of 450)
1st Press on Blue w/White Splatter(out of 700)
2nd Press on Clear/Aqua Blue Swirl w/Olive Green splatter (out of 500)
This Is Hardcore 2011 Press w/spraypainted covers on Red/Blue Swirl (out of 50 copies)

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